Vendor Finance


Whether your company is selling IT equipment, ATM’s, POS Terminals, Earth moving equipment, medical equipment, cranes or mining equipment – your clients need capital before you can make a sale.

Leasing of equipment has been a well used product since the 1960’s in Europe, America and Australia. A web search of these countires will also show that equipment suppliers offer their clients a finance option in nearly every industry.

Benefits of Vendor Finance to You

  • ŸCreates sales opportunities – we work with your sales teams and any tenders or quotations they are preparing
  • Creates sales edge over competition
  • ŸStreamlines payments for the sale – although many options can be provided, in most cases, suppliers can gain additional benefits from receiving all of the funds on day one which creates additional revenue recognition.

How Does it Work ?

  • ŸWe provide training sessions to your sales teams to assist their understanding of the benefits of finance and how it will help them exceed their targets. This is to assist them identify opportunities but not to distract them from their core sale of the company products. It is our role to provide the in depth knowledge and assistance.
  • ŸWe can attend your own presentations to you clients and assist the sale by presenting the ‘Financial Solution’ to match your own solution.
  • ŸWe can present ourselves either as Connaught Consultancy or brand all documentation under your own company logo and act as your finance ‘consultants’.